Are you ready to move forward in the New Year of 2021?  Many I speak with are so ready to put 2020 behind them that they forget the little growth nuggets that they received. What we fail to see is that every year we have good and bad remembrances that we can draw from in the coming years ahead. With 2021 already here, let’s set new intentions and a renewed vision for how we want to transform areas of our life in 2021.

Maybe our marriage is at a place where we are struggling to stay together. Or our children are wearing us down and we don’t know how to handle the demands at hand with online schooling etc. Or our career path has been disrupted with the Pandemic and you are searching for where God wants you to be. Our relationships may be struggling with conflict and lack of connection.  When I hear these concerns, I think of how many times we set off in the New Year to have new goals and to meet them without fully realizing that it takes an inner heart shift to get there.

Someone was over visiting with us on New Years’ and asked me what I meant when I said I wanted to be pursuing helping people with healing their hearts. The friend that was asking is a professional coach and I believe didn’t know what I meant since her work isn’t getting to the underlying roots. It made me think about how to communicate it. Like my friend, you may be wondering what does that mean or how do I know if I need heart healing? It may show up as anxiety, resentments, unforgiveness, fear, self-rejection, or self-doubt.

When reading from an expert who mentors entrepreneurs, the thing that he said that predominantly holds people back is self-doubt. That’s why people I believe don’t have success with their business or relationship goals for New Years’ resolutions. They may not realize that their insides have anything to do with their outsides. Or whether the lack of inner peace has anything to do with that?

I ask you the question, what are you wanting to usher in for 2021? Are you wanting an inner heart makeover so you feel more confident to embrace whatever you endeavor?

Solomon’s proverb 5:23 says “So above all, guard the affections of your heart, for they affect all that you are. Pay attention to the welfare of your innermost being, from there flows the wellspring of life.” (TPT)

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a home-maker, or a professional in a company, you would benefit with some workshops I will be offering in 2021. You can start off with a Vision workshop where you come prepared to choose words or illustrations that communicate what you want for starting off the New Year with that may jump-start their goals in 2021. Contact us for some transformational events coming up.