Do you find yourself getting wired and anxious not being able to turn off your adrenaline? I find anxiety is one of the most common problems that people face today. In addition, anxiety tends to be the highest thing that is searched for on Google. One of the reasons I believe is that we are in a fast-paced society with people constantly on the go. Many of us never slow down enough to reflect on areas of our life that are out of sync. We just keep thinking that if we do enough, somehow we can keep at bay any of our emotional discomforts.

Last month I attended a training on a prayer ministry method that helps heal the parts of the heart that are not synchronized. It was a powerful training in which I learned a wonderful healing method called Heart Sync. It was taught by my Father Andrew Miller who developed through 20 years of working with people a prayer method that sets people free to have a more powerful relationship with God. He shared how the heart can be guarded against ever having to go to painful areas of our emotional makeup that keep us in bondage. I am looking forward to adding this to my repertoire of methods that will unleash people.

Anxiety can be a protective way of keeping a lid on our emotional heart and past traumas that have been buried. It can also be a signal of too much “Doing” and not enough “Being”. The following are tips you can start practicing which will minimize your anxiousness.

  • Visualize yourself in a quiet place where you focus on a positive memory or place that is relaxing.
  • Breathe- breathing can highly reduce tension being held in the body when faced with anxiety.
  • Relax- Practice on breathing deeply into the heart area while focusing on a positive memory of some time you felt loved- maybe from a relationship where you felt loved and appreciated.
  • Be Appreciative- Focus on all the things you are grateful for.
  • Stop Catastrophizing- Don’t let your mind take you to the worst possible scenario. You can choose to stop your thoughts and redirect them to something that is positive.
  • Allow Yourself to Feel- When wanting to move toward addictive behavior such as overeating or relationship obsession identify what feelings you are avoiding. Pushing them down will only create more anxiety and make things worse.
  • Discover your faulty beliefs-what lies are you believing about yourself or the situation that may be causing you to emotionally be anxious.
  • Examine Your Worry- Get the worry out in the open to see if it’s a real problem or a something you have fabricated. If it’s a real problem, make a plan. Tell yourself “I’m competent to manage this problem.” Most of what we worry about never comes about.

Here’s to being anxiety free!