Tis the season to be jolly.  But why is it that many of us don’t experience that feeling? We may have losses that have kept us stuck in grief. We might have expectations that aren’t getting met from family members. Or we just feel stressed from getting everything done which keeps us on a constant treadmill of feeling never caught up.  The movies can portray Christmas to be all happy and full of love, but somehow things aren’t showing up that way.

Someone recently mentioned that we need to have a spirit of expectancy and not expectations.  I think that is so true. We need to see how things can be worked out once we sit back and wait for God to work.

Many times these expectations can rob us of the true joy in the season. I wrote a newsletter on expectations in this past year because I am so aware of how in relationships, they can create havoc. Here is the link to that blog:  https://renewedlifecounseling.com/expectations-the-silent-killer-in-relationships/

When I expect someone else to do something from my image, I want others to meet my needs rather than looking within to change. We need to take an inside look so we can take responsibility for what we are projecting onto others! Developing a relationship with yourself is valuable so you are not making others try to meet expectations that only God can meet.

With this newsletter, I trust you will have a more peaceful holiday as you interact with family members.

I appreciate being a part of your life and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joy-filled New Year!