How many of us feel like you may be entering a bramble bush and there is no way out?
I was enjoying a relaxing day of sitting on a beach in Hawaii last year and simply observing all of the activity of others around me. What really got my attention was a very friendly, energetic dog who was searching for any activity he could stick his nose in. He found a family to connect to that was playing with a Frisby tossing it among each other. Suddenly he became part of the interaction as he intently waited to see the Frisby come his way. I believe he really enjoyed being apart of this family as it gave him a sense of belonging.

Because he was quite adventuresome, he searched for the next activity to get immersed in. He saw some brambles on the side of the beach and found himself continually immersing his head in them. Over and over he entered this tangled cobweb of branches that were lined up on the side of the beach.
I felt like he was going to get stuck in the all the prickly bushes so I rushed over to try to rescue him, but each time he found his way out. It reminded me of how life throws us some curve balls, but we need to believe we can navigate through them. I have learned to trust in the One person (God) who guides me and encourages me each time I enter a problem in life. I need to believe that I can shift my mindset at any given moment and believe there will be some positive outcome for what I am experiencing.

So examine what you do the next time an obstacle gets thrown your way. Are you quick to experience a hopeless attitude and fight a “poor me” syndrome? Or do you turn it into to something that will be constructive for you.. something you can either solve or grow from?
What I thought was interesting with the dog, was his owner was a long distance away. He must have felt secure to be on his own while encountering the brambles knowing he had an owner that trusted him to find his way.

In summary,
• The dog was confident with who he was and challenges didn’t bother him.
• He teamed up with a family.
• He believed he could handle situations without having to be tied to his owner.

Stop and ask yourself the question. Are you that confident? Do you have the confidence to enter into new unforeseen territories against odds that may keep you tied up in brambles?