Rather than New Years’ resolutions, I have a strong belief that I don’t want to start off the new year with anything that has been limiting me from living peacefully within myself. You might be carrying resentments, fear, shame, anger, lack of forgiveness, or just not feeling good in your own skin. During the holidays when you have been home with your family, some of these negativities might have emerged.  It’s a good time when its fresh to discover what has been holding you back so you can let it go.

I have recently identified a stronghold that holds me back from feeling peaceful.  A stronghold is an incorrect thinking pattern or influence that has molded itself into our way of being and can have a large impact on our spiritual freedom. It shows up when I don’t feel like I have met expectations of doing things right according to the standards I have placed on myself.  A stronghold is an incorrect thinking pattern that has molded itself into our way of being. Many times these it is deeply embedded in our subconscious affecting how we feel and respond to life’s situations.  They can rob us of spiritual freedom and keep us feeling stuck in limiting patterns.

They can show up as generational patterns, vows or beliefs, or emotions from life circumstances that were difficult. We may have come into this world with faulty views that have limited us ever since we experienced negative events. Many times we developed a story that we have lived out based on early programming. The story is merely an interpretation and usually not factual.

One of the biggest strongholds I find is that people are typically not very loving with themselves.  They are controlled by condemning thoughts and don’t know how to nurture themselves with thoughts of affirmation. Several years ago, I took a course by Brene` Brown where we put together a little book of pictures and art illustrations for learning to be more loving toward ourselves.

The class started with finding a picture of ourselves that we could paste in a journal with the caption “I’m imperfect and I’m enough.”  We continued this process by writing out on another page with the heading Permission. Under that heading, we listed several things we would give ourselves permission to do: Some of the ones listed are as follows: To make mistakes, to forgive me, to be myself, to trust myself.  In addition, I listed: to laugh, have fun, be creative, and not feel guilty.

As I read back through this recently, I was aware of how much I need to focus on this every day..to place it on a sticky note on my mirror so I awake with this awareness. What I thought would have been helpful is to examine the story we might have formed early on that has been prohibiting us from walking in what we want to believe and accomplish in the new year. I have walked myself through this process and I am so amazed at how this has unleashed me to feel good and at peace within myself.

I am offering a free workshop for those interested in discovering that may keep you bound and not free to move forward effectively so you can release them in the New Year. Save the date of Tuesday, January 21st from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm at Koelbel library.

Also, I am offering a complementary mindset shift for those wanting to break through a faulty belief pattern. Call if you want to set one up.