Online group for Building Resiliency during the Pandemic


Moving From Betrayal to Breakthrough

in Just 5 Days!!

Living a Courageous Confident Self

Are you ready to find peace and healing in your Heart + Mind + Love Life so you can walk into a new relationship with Trust + Confidence + Courage?
Do you feel immobilized after a damaging relationship and lost in a mire of self-condemning thoughts that keeps you in a stressful fight or flight mode?

Oh friend, you’re not alone in feeling this way!

There are many women who feel just like you!

It’s not your fault! 

When these moments of fear and depression distance you from relationships in your life, it often leads to a lack of intimacy and trust in God as well.  
As this heightened stress and despair takes a toll on your physical health, you become subject to low immunity and being more susceptible to illness and decreased energy. So you feel guilty because you just can’t find the energy to take care of your children, home, and be fully present in your job. 

Does your mind wander to these thoughts?

  • I feel so lost and have no idea who I am without my partner.
  • Do you ask yourself, “Does my husband think I’m attractive enough that he would seek out another woman?”
  • How can I find myself and experience a trusting and respectful relationship with someone else when I feel so broken and hurt?
  • Is there really a good man out there for me that will cherish and love me just the way that I am?
    Hi I’m Suzanne…
    I’ve been right where you’re at as I was desperately seeking someone to love me only to find men that were not healthy attractions.
    After my desperate search to fill the void of not feeling loved, I decided to place my focus and energy on my job.  I aspired to gain acceptance in the business world by working hard to mask my lack of confidence in myself. Seeking my Father’s acceptance. I pushed the limits by drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes just to keep going.  
    I was consumed with finding the right man for me, but the problem was I was only attracting those who didn’t fully love and cherish me.  When we had conflict, they would typically blame and make me the problem.

    Every relationship ended the same way… when I tried to ask for a deeper commitment, they just never seriously pursued me.  

    By the third lost attempt at finding love and ending in another shattering loss; chronic fatigue and feelings of unworthiness began to take its toll on my mental, emotional, and physical health. That’s when I knew I had to find a better way to live, love, and hope again. I began a fresh new process that brought me Healing + Restoration + Confidence.
    And I’m so excited to share this AMAZING PROCESS with you…..

    Love Liberation Therapy

    Because of the love search for over 30 years of seeking a partner to fill me up, I was transformed from overwhelming exhaustion, feeling ashamed, thinking I needed a man to complete me….To attracting a respectful and caring partner who loves me unconditionally and accepts me just the way I am. 
    I’m passionate about helping you to have the same success in your love life that I now have, so I’ve created this amazing mini-course!
    Whether it’s restoring a marriage, finding a partner, or transforming your business, as a woman of faith, you deserve all God has for you!

    Here is what will be covered….

    Day 1 Where Does your Identity Land?

    Day 2 Blocks in the Way

    Day 3 Learning to be a Friend to Yourself

    Day 4 Unleash the Chains that Keep You Bound

    Day 5 Finding Your Purpose

    Bonus Day

For only five days you will be able to view each day of videos in my FB group. After listening to these sessions there will be a live zoom call each day to receive coaching.
Once registered, you will be sent a Zoom link for the online group to be coached on what you learned in the videos.  This group will be interactive so be prepared to share and work through exercises that will help you build your confidence for the season ahead.
In addition, ongoing Seasons for Hope groups after the 5-day Mini-Course.
Facilitated by Suzanne B. Simpson, Love Liberation Expert, who has 30+ years in transformational work specializing in helping people find their true identity and walk in their truest self.

Starting September 20th through Friday the 24th + Bonus Day

Sign Up: A Zoom Meeting Room link will be sent once you register at 
You will in addition be sent a digital copy of my book, Lost & Restored. 

Pay only: $27  at

Raving Fan:

I participated in the class during a major transition in my life.  I thought Suzanne to be very insightful, and she came from the heart of God. I gained some great tools to help change my thought patterns about myself and my situation.  The tools are great and can be used throughout life to navigate through stressful situations. I am learning to change my self-talk.  I know I can love myself and I am worthy of LOVE.
L.. Warner, Nutraceutical Rep