Online group for Building Resiliency during the Pandemic
Are you wanting to end the summer steps on how to build resilience for the “new normal” in the fall season?
This summer I asked myself what do people need to build their resilience for the season ahead? It’s been quite a shaking up time for all. I have definitely felt that as well as others I have spoken with.  I know God doesn’t waste anything and it’s all for our good.  We just need to figure out how to navigate through this time and build our foundation for what’s ahead.  I was led to write a 9-step process for how to build resilience during trying times. 
I would like to share that with you in 2 content-packed Thursday night sessions at 6:30 pm starting August 20th, 27th. These sessions will be participatory and not just straight teaching so be prepared to interact.  I am only asking for a love offering for those that are led to contributing. You can then go to my Paypal link://
If you want to be a part of the group, you can download the free Ebook on my site at  If you send me an email I will sign you up for the group participation.
Once registered, you will be sent a Zoom link for the online group.  This group will be interactive so be prepared to share and work through exercises that will help you build resilience for the season ahead.
Facilitated by Suzanne B. Simpson, Emotional Liberation Expert, who specializes in helping over-doers, burned out from too much doing and neglecting their relationship with God.

Here is a link for Paypal if you would like to make a love offering.

A Zoom Meeting Room link will be sent once you register at