Coming out of a difficult season always has some residual feelings that many times can keep us bound. I’ve noticed many are feeling a heightened level of anxiety, and grief over the losses of the things we value.

Exhaustion from the challenges of multitasking with kids doing online learning while working in their job, marriage conflicts, and not being able to see aging parents are just a few of the challenges that have been a byproduct of this pandemic. On top of that we are required to wear masks everywhere we go. The very essence of us, our ability to smile at others, has been covered under a fabric covering that doesn’t allow us to connect to others relationally. When the masks are off, are we going to be able to embrace connecting to others through warm smiles and hugs that we long to convey?

It seems so symbolic of how much we tend to mask our true selves and put on the front that we want others to see. I am guessing that when we remove the masks, we may still not feel comfortable with exposing ourselves, some of us more so than others. Ask yourself what are you trying to mask yourself from?  Are you feeling like if people really see your true self, they will reject you? Do you like being a people pleaser so if you start getting real and honoring what you really feel, you won’t have any friends or your kids will resent you?

God has a plan in the midst of all of these restrictions placed on us. He may be using this to take a deeper look inside and learn to live from a true identity.  Not being able to do the physical activities may leave us with an inner void that can be filled up with God’s presence. By taking off our mask symbolically, we may learn to be more authentic. Live more deeply connected to our emotions, express our truth, and release what we are holding onto.

I have recently been going through training for being able to be a prophetic heart-healing facilitator. It’s been an amazing season for me to acquire this online training to learn how to allow the inner parts of our hearts to heal. The scripture commands us to love the Lord our God will all our heart.  But unfortunately, we have learned to guard it as a result of hurts and discouragements in our life.  Inner beliefs keep us separated from Jesus instead of allowing Him to be the guard over our hearts. Proverbs 4:23 says “Guard your heart with all diligence because from it flows the springs of life. “

So, here are some points to consider when opening your heart:

  • Learn to love all parts of yourself
  • Release the negativity you are holding onto
  • Learn to honor what you are truly feeling and express it
  • Find people you can be in community with who you can be real with