I have taken some time off from writing due to all of the changes in my life. So now I am feeling like I am ready to get back on the wagon. Training a new puppy, a new focus on the therapies I am using in my practice, taking an art class, and opening an office in Centennial for stress relief and fat loss, along with many who are wanting to get some help after the pandemic has taken a lot of my time and energy. Whew!  Now I can see why I have put things on hold and am a little tired out!!

One thing that stands out in all this transition is how important our mindset is to the challenges that come our way. When we make a transition, it’s easy to allow our mindset to get into fear-based thinking— What if….. or catastrophizing what may happen in the future.  We can compare ourselves to others, and feel like others have more than us… more money, more success, better relationships… or just better than us in general.

I have just finished leading an amazing Bible study that was written by an author who was not widely known.  Her name is Rachel Risner. I sincerely hope she will get more published studies out as she is a powerful writer. One night there was a woman who was in the study who indicated she didn’t feel she was getting any revelation from all she was reading. She seemed highly depressed and it was obvious she was stuck in the doldrums.  We all commented that we didn’t feel like we were so far along either and that was a common response. It didn’t seem to move this young gal emotionally out of her negativity. As she was talking one of the girls joined the group who is extremely positive and joy-filled. I just sat back and noticed the two contrasts.

What I am aware of is how much we can choose what we want to focus on. One gal has an extremely joy-filled spirit and always is positively offering insight and yearning for more. The other one feels like a victim of her own demons. I see this all of the time. Our mindset has tremendous power to influence how we feel in life. But I do know that it takes a lot of discipline to continually take time to reframe our mindset into more positive ways of interpreting things.  One tool that I have used through the years which I have seen amazing benefits from using is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It literally reboots your energetic system to rid yourself of those negative statements that pull you down. My husband and I have been exposed to the clinical research they have done to see the validity of using this tool for those emotional blocks that keep us stuck.

We would love you to drop by our Centennial office to try out our new stress relief and fat loss program. It’s a one-of-a-kind program for those wanting to look great, overcome compulsive eating patterns, and deal with the stressors of the day.  We are integrating this energy technique of EFT so one gets lasting change and doesn’t have to yo-yo back and forth feeling defeated.

Here is my picture of my adorable puppy!! She’s too cute to get too mad at her.

Stay tuned for more regular transformation ideas!