Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Living Oak Press (November 28, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0999463209
ISBN-13: 978-0999463208
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Suzanne Simpson is a Licensed Professional
Counselor, Board Certified Coach, teacher, and
speaker with several decades of experience.
She carries a passion for emotionally liberating
those from painful pasts to experience
the healing for mind, body, and spirit.
She resides in Littleton, Colorado
with her husband Les and loyal dog Tasha.

By Suzanne B. Simpson

Lost & Restored

Many of us keep wandering down a well-worn path due to our unhealed pain. Suzanne Simpson, author of Lost & Restored: Healing Your Heart with the Father, shares personal testimonies of those that are overcoming past hurts and resentments from marital discord, health challenges, and traumas from childhood. By experiencing the healing power of Christ, believers can connect to the Good Shepherd that releases emotions from past losses. There are soul-searching questions after each chapter that will help you transform from the inside out.

With Biblical depth, vulnerability, and discovery of God’s love, Suzanne helps readers:

  • Glean insight from personal testimonies for emotional healing.
  • Learn how to take personal responsibility to overcome unhealed child abuse.
  • Commit to discovering what blocks are in your way from receiving the Father’s love and believing in your identity.

The Good News Radio Show with Angie Austin - Interview with Suzanne Simpson


Lost & Restored offers a warm, intimate description of the Father’s love touching the secret places of the heart. With personal examples woven throughout, Suzanne gives the reader accessible instruction in bringing our daily needs to the Lord. A wonderful read!

Sarah J. Thiessen, LMFT, LPC
Director of the Splankna Therapy Institute


For over a decade, Suzanne has taught me significant lessons in leadership and in life and this book is no exception. By sharing her journey in this thought-provoking book, she’s given us all a road map that can help each of us draw closer to God. This insightful book will challenge and inspire all who read it to integrate Jesus into every aspect of our lives, so that we too, will be victorious in spite of life’s challenges.

– Connie Reinhardt, CPA/CFF, CFE 
Member with Meyers and Stauffer Accounting


Lost & Restored brings the heart of the Father, through Suzanne’s own personal journey and her counseling practice, to minister to everyone who reads her book. It is a heartfelt journey to ongoing wholeness that everyone can relate to. She brings experience, practical tools and proven models for emotional healing. Jesus is the only one who can heal and she does a wonderful job leading us to Him, the Good Shepherd and Great Physician.”

– Sylvia Wright,
SMASH Ministry Leader (Soul, Mind, and Spirit Healing)
Bridgeway Church in Denver, Colorado


Suzanne’s new book Lost & Restored, gives the reader a picture into her journey and her heart of the Body of Christ to be like sheep that are led by the Good Shepherd, who leads them out of the dark and scary places of life and into the safe and beautiful sheepfold of life. She openly shares her own struggles and doubts and then offers her journey of how she moved out of pain into healing and restoration. She also created insightful reflection questions at the end of each chapters to take the reader from information into a transformational experience. Finally, she offers a pathway at the end of the book that offers next steps to enter into a full restoration process. The cover entices us into this journey…pick it up and get started.”

– Tamera J. Buchan
Author of Identity Crises: Reclaim the True You and You Were Meant for More Series Founder and Director of Reclaim Initiative


Invite Jesus into the broken places of your life today and let His love transform and heal you from the inside out.”

– Dr. Charity Virkler Kayembe
co-author of Hearing God Through Your Dreams, and EFT for Christians: Tapping into God’s Peace and Joy


I love Suzanne’s book!  It is easy to read, practical, encouraging and makes so much sense.  We are all wounded in different ways and can stay stuck if we do not receive the right tools to heal and become whole.  This book gives hope, help and practical ways to heal.  I highly recommend it to anyone who may still be feeling inner pain from past hurts.”

S. V. Sales representative

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