Are you feeling the stress from all of the life events and where we are headed as a country, and your life is turned upside down with parenting and job concerns? I too have had intermittent periods of irritation, anxiety, hopelessness, and lack of joy that I know is available to me. I always have to take time to get quiet with my inner self and recognize what gives me the most peace. It’s not focusing on the media or the events at hand, but rather the true hope that comes from within. It’s an inside job for those who need inner strength to find a place in their heart that is needing some nurturing and comfort.

I just offered a 5-day confidence-building mini-course that was very beneficial and others were feeling like they now have the tools to overcome some of those inner demons that plague so many of us. It was a great chance for me to broaden my technology skills and now I am convinced that people can really benefit from group participation. It’s a time when we all need community and support from others and Zoom is one way for that to happen.  Unfortunately, it may be the sign of the times as we are continuing to use this technology for staying connected.

One of the women whom I have been in touch with is a college student who is saying that there is a lot of anxiety that she is hearing from women in her social media connections.  I understand anxiety as an umbrella feeling covering more vulnerable feelings underneath such as fear, apprehension, loss, and overwhelm…where life seems too big to deal with outwardly.  We may feel like we can’t control things happening in our relationships and life in general. Today’s world is full of uncertainties that leave us challenged in these areas. If all of our focus is outwardly we are missing the very thing that will give us comfort during these times.

In an Instagram post I wrote this year it stated: “Anxiety can be a protective way of keeping a lid on our emotional heart and past traumas that have been buried. It can also be a signal of too much “Doing” and not enough “Being”.

The two areas of focus I believe we need to unleash us are our heart healing and renewing the mind. If these areas are dealt with, we are more apt to be at ease with the outward forces that influence our life. We need to face those inner crevices in our heart from wounds we have held onto that are keeping us protected from ever having to go deeper. Then, we need to allow our thoughts to be renewed with a new mindset that supports what is true and not the lies we have believed. I wrote an anxiety-reducing list which you can see at this:  which gives all kinds of tips for releasing anxiety.

I trust you will have a time of gratitude as you enter this time of Thanksgiving season.  Allow yourself to enter it anxiety-free and able to enjoy the time of just “being”, not having to always rush around doing so much that you wear yourself out.  Maybe it’s a blessing that we are being restricted from connecting with too many people. Maybe we can learn to have a stronger relationship with ourselves and experience healing so that when things do open up more physically, we will be prepared.