Have you ever lost your keys?

Last week I was walking my dog around the lake nearby and I placed my keys in my pocket. Unfortunately, that was a pocket that had a hole in it!  Somehow my keys fell out of the pocket and were nowhere to be found after retracing my steps. I was suddenly very worried.. what if someone found then and then went to the parking lot and took off with my car!  It’s funny where your mind goes when you are worried and anxious.

My dog was pulling on me so much with the lease which is her puppy pattern when we walk that I might not have noticed when they fell out. I ran into a girl who was walking that was able to text my husband the exact location of where I was. He was able to find me and I road back to my home wondering where my keys were out on that trail. I suddenly remembered how Next Door a good way might be to try to find someone who might have found them. I immediately wrote a post there.

I asked God to show me what the keys represented.  I had remembered some teaching at Living Free on the keys to the kingdom.  I was eager to understand why this had come about? I don’t believe there are any accidents. The next day I got a call from a lady who had found them on a bench while she was taking her morning stroll around the lake. I was so thrilled to get them back.

I was still questioning what this was about. That weekend, I went to a wonderful day long event at my favorite non-profit ministry, Living Free Ministry.  We were given a set of keys that represented all kinds of spiritual values.

The first one was God’s goodness. I don’t know about you, but knowing God’s goodness is critical to navigating through our trials in life.  When I know that everything happening to me is for my good, it makes it easier to go through difficulties.

The second key is hope. Hope is something that we all need to get through those difficult times in our life. We need to know that whatever we are enduring, Christ will get us through it. “Hope will move a person into faith, and then faith is what takes hold of Jesus for the answer.”

The third key is Abiding. I went to a word of the year workshop with my Christian Woman’s Business Group and the word I received was abide. If I am abiding in Christ, I am able to hear the direction to take in situations and walk in the power of the miraculous and I hear His voice.

There are many other keys such as love, identity, prayer, and holy spirit power.

We have all these keys in our walk to take up daily!

Put on your boots and take ahold of these keys to bring hope in this world of confusion and discouragement.