How many of you are faced with a difficult circumstance and don’t see an easy way to navigate through. I recently experienced a problem with my water wells backing up with water and overflowing into my basement!  It was a consistent every time we had a storm but hadn’t happened until we had been in the home for over 10 years. I was told I would need a foundation company to come out and give estimates as to how they might fix the problem.

My husband and I looked up the resources and asked several companies to come out and give estimates and how they could mitigate the problem. It turned out that each company had different recommendations/solutions and pricing. We decided to go with one company that seemed the most knowledgeable about how to proceed and their pricing was in the middle range.  They found several issues when they were trying to fix the problem and went up on the price to fix it.  When they had finished the work on a Friday, we had a big storm come in on Saturday and all the leaking showed up still!! Much to my demise it was little worse than before!

Fortunately, I got a call from the owner who had come by to see how the water was affecting things in the yard. He could see that the work they had done wasn’t fixing things as there were puddles throughout the yard. Needless to say, I was very discouraged. The owner came out the following week and agreed to put sump pumps into each window well at his expense since it was evident the window wells weren’t draining properly.

I always look at these mishaps as something that is a message about something I need to learn or see about myself. What I thought was significant was that there was an overflow of water coming in, but it could get through the drain system. If I look at the message for me, I thought that I might have a significant water coming in which I interpret as the living water from the spirit. But there is a clogged drain and it can’t fully come through and flow to the main sump pump.

Emotional Burdens We Carry

How many times are we faced with emotional woes that clog our system from filtering well. It could be unresolved pain from past hurts we are holding onto, or unforgiveness toward a person that is difficult to let go of, or even shame or guilt we are feeling over something we have done. I believe these encumbrances can keep our drain backed up so we don’t fully experience the water flowing in.  This struggle came as quite a surprise to us since we had gone for so many years without this problem.  The contracting company said he had rarely experienced this kind of problem with water drainage.

I knew this then was unique to us and certainly God was sending a message. Do you notice the difficult circumstances as something that is tugging on your heart to pay attention to? What I am aware is that there might be parts of our heart that feel we have to protect ourselves from ever having to face the pain over situations. In our case, some of the pain is around having to spend money, feeling upset that my books aren’t successful, or even health challenges that can’t always be controlled.

I sense God has been faithful to walk me through these feelings, so I don’t hold onto these burdens. I don’t have to protect parts of my heart from the emotions and as I trust Jesus with them, I am more apt to experience peace.

What is Clogging up Your System?

These burdens can prevent Christ’s living water from flowing through you body and mind. They might show up as hurts from unresolved relationships, a child that you are challenged by his or her behavior, or financial worries. Trust that there is a power greater than yourselves that can walk you through these obstacles. It is possible to allow the feelings to come forth and fully move through it and come out the other side with peace in your heart.

We can be encouraged by Scripture:

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. John 16:33 ~ I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”