Your body communicates with you: Take heed to what it is saying!

Our body stores all the emotions that we feel or have felt through our lifetime. When we experience symptoms, our body is communicating with us; we need to take heed. Our body is telling us something that is emerging within that we need to address. These underlying negative emotions might show up as depression, sadness, anger, or sleeplessness.  I love the title of a book that is popular today that is Our Body Keeps the Score written by Bessel van der Kolk. This book describes how we collect emotions throughout our life and then the body displays them. I like this YouTube video interview from him that explains more:

We experience negative circumstances with increased tolerance. If asked how we are feeling, we may appear all together and not want to get real with the emotional pain we may be carrying. However, the symptoms we are having are indicating there is something deeper. I like to think of this as Trauma A or little T’s (traumas).  Many times, we feel this is so insignificant that we need to just move on and push what happened to us aside. When I ask those experiencing these events, they say they are fine and don’t seem to connect to the disturbance inside…meanwhile, the body is screaming with symptoms.

Sometimes I have people scan their body and determine where they are experiencing some pain.  It might be in their abdomen, their shoulders, or their head with chronic headaches. None of this is pleasant to experience and can be the avenue to lead you to deeper areas of traumatic memory that have caused you to feel stagnant and depressed. I found a podcast recently from Caroline Leaf where she interviewed a mental health professional that specializes in trauma. She uses some of the healing processes like EMDR, much like myself. This EMDR process can help people start clearing out their deeper pain. The EMDR, a trauma release process, can be great for clearing out any negative situation that has traumatized you that you are holding onto.

Lately, I have been on a rampage to do some weeding out of clutter in closets, pantry, etc.  It begins to be contagious as one thing leads to another.  Suddenly, I am seeing multiple drawers, cupboards, closets that all need to be decluttered.  What I have discovered is an outward representation of how many things we may push out of our vision and tuck behind the closets of our life. We tend to want them to remain hidden and focus on our outward persona and circumstances. By not weeding this clutter out regularly, our life can become stagnant thus clouding our inability to feel free. I believe it is not until we dig into those dusty crevices of our inner self and clear out the encumbrances that we enter a life of wholeness.

The process may be somewhat arduous at times, but it can feel so good to get rid of stuff we are holding onto…just like when I weeded out the clutter in my house. It’s then we are able to embrace the challenges that are ahead as we go through difficult times. This unresolved pain we have tucked away can come out inappropriately on our loved ones… potentially leading to domestic problems, having trouble with our colleagues, or bosses, or attracting unhealthy relationships.  Our children can be the brunt of our feelings as many times our negativity is taken out on them. With all the changes in school being homebound, the cup is already full of tensions and can be splattered out on our children.

Another great analogy that God gave me is gardening.  We need to dig deeper to pull out the weeds and then they finally come out.  I’ve gone through my whole garden and pulled out a ton. I have to be patient with the process as it seems somewhat arduous.

I believe we are headed for harder times and this recent pandemic is just a forerunner of what’s ahead. If we don’t prepare ourselves with a strong foundation of physical, emotional, or spiritual strength we may find ourselves caught up in turbulent waters that we don’t know how to navigate through.

I just finished a free Ebook that is on my site.  The topic is 9 Steps to Building Resilience During Trying Times. It can be directly downloaded from my home page of the website at or .  I have outlined these 9 steps that will help you navigate through these times we are in and come out more freed up to enjoy our relationships and work environment.


  1. Don’t ignore the symptoms physically. Identify what is behind them.
  2. Take one emotion each day that you can identify and journal on paper.
  3. Ask God to show you the deeper roots of what you are feeling.
  4. Listen to what He shows you that you identify.

Don’t let emotions build up. Do the work when it surfaces so you can lead a healthy, vibrant life!