This month is flying by and next week is Thanksgiving!  It’s amazing how quickly the holidays are on the horizon. It’s always a time of year to focus on the things that we are grateful for rather than listening to all of the negativity we hear in the news.

I find there is a lot of emphasis on mental health problems in the media these days. We continue to see shootings, sexual accusations, and suicide that always brings me to a place of awareness that many are struggling emotionally and even nutritionally. When we are out of balance in our biochemistry and emotions it may show up in destructive behavior. My wish is that parents and children could understand how often we need a foundation of a healthy spiritual and emotional life that supports mental wellness.

I spoke at a mental wellness summit this week at Valor Christian School on the topic of taking care of yourself while parenting. It was wonderful to see how many parents attended to hear all kinds of topics that would support them being the best parent to their kids. What I am aware of is how much we as adults affect the energy of all of those around us. If we are angry or depressed, our children can pick up on those emotions. It can also affect our thinking and decision-making ability. Much to our disliking, this negative emotional energy can get projected out on those we love.

As we enter the holidays, stress and negative emotions can make our family relationships difficult. Our mother-in-law, siblings or kids can trigger us in ways that impact us emotionally leaving us feeling less than joyful. What is supposed to be a season of warm family memories can be one of the stressful encounters resulting in depression.

I like to help people discover why they are so emotionally disturbed when they can’t figure it out on their own. Its origin can be from emotions held in the body from past events. What we know from research is these negative emotions get held in cellular memory keeping us stuck in limiting thought processes. When we release this energetic hold, the negative emotions get peeled away and good feelings return.

Focusing on acknowledging yourself for what you tell yourself can shift your focus from “I’m all alone, or “I’m not enough.” to “I am an amazing creation of God with gifts and talents.” “ He never leaves me- He is always there.”

Take time to be with yourself during this busy holiday season. Acknowledge at the end of the day how you were “being”. I have been patient with my kids, or I have been loving with my spouse. That will give you a great focus during this holiday time so you can be in gratitude for what the season brings.