I’d like to ask you the question, Do you feel unnoticed and left behind when others seem to get all of the limelight? Are you wanting acceptance from others to the point where you lose your center from trying to win the approval of others? Or do you feeling inadequate as a mother?

I hear a lot about these feelings from those I work with and know that Covid has compounded the issue. Kids feeling left out from being able to socialize, wearing masks, and parents not knowing how to handle all of the behavior changes they are seeing.

One of my favorite Bible study leaders is Lysa TurKeurst.  She wrote a book study titled Uninvited that I studied last fall.  I was impressed that she was particularly insightful and very real in her struggles with wanting acceptance from others and feeling overlooked. I find it hard to believe that someone so accomplished can feel those feelings. What I am aware of is that we ALL are alike in our struggles whether we are famous or not.

Our flesh always longs for acceptance and when we don’t get it, we walk away unappreciated and devalued. I’m aware of how Adam and Eve became shame-based when they disobeyed God and they resulted in feeling naked and wanting to hide. This is where our defense systems get established to protect ourselves, so we don’t have to ever feel hurt or pain again. We may guard our hearts to the degree of losing our ability to move toward positive, healthy relationships again.

Over the summer I’ve done some searching for what am I the most passionate about helping others. I have a very compassionate heart and find those who need their heart healed from betrayal tend to be those who I am drawn to.  They need to build more inner confidence, especially when they have been left bruised from some relationship betrayal that they didn’t feel acknowledged, understood, and accepted. They walked away shattered, not knowing if they can trust themselves and not believing in the value that God has given them.

Whether your struggle is picking yourself back up after a damaging relationship, or redirecting your life to finding an entrepreneurial place in this world, rebuilding your inner confidence can be the key. So now that fall is approaching, take time to explore yourself and why you continue to keep your life so busy and what you are avoiding in yourself. Take some time to journal.

I actually started back journaling this summer as one of my friends gave me a beautiful one that would be hard to push aside. I have started out slowly, but am always amazed at how I walk away with such peace as I’ve been able to bear my soul on the pages. I know the Lord has met me there and my day starts out a lot better.

I am offering a class in September to rally those who have had difficulty loving themselves and learning how to navigate through relationship distress.  It’s a three-day mini-course starting September 22nd-24th that will be offered online through a Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingaconfidentself