Remote sessions

What is Remote Counseling or Coaching?

Remote Counseling is the provision of counseling  & coaching services through electronic means, which includes telephone, e-mail, and Skype.

You can determine the amount of time you need and a rate accordingly. The session can range from 30-60 minutes.

The biggest drawback to counseling by telephone is that I am unable to pick up on your emotions through facial expressions. Physical responses are often important clues for me. However, I have adjusted well to working with individuals by phone and by Skype after many years of coaching people long distant.

Remote Counseling vs. face-to-face counseling may better suit your needs on a given day. Establishing a coaching relationship face-to-face is first beneficial before communicating by phone. Using Skype enhances the ability to read facial expressions.

Why Remote Counseling?

There are several advantages to Remote Counseling:

• Easy to connect quickly in the event of weather or schedule challenges

• Appointment times easily available to fit your schedule

• Counseling relationship continues even during a relocation or vacation

• Accessible to any location

I am offering Remote Counseling only to persons 18 years old and older. In this initial phase, I will require you to sign the appropriate disclosure forms as required by law.