I love Easter as it represents all that we have through the resurrected power that is available to us…a life full of hidden treasures. Lately I was aware that my practice has been changing to represent something bigger… more of the power that is available for healing and walking in the treasures that we are given as Christ followers!

I have been in the counseling field for a number of years and have been faithful to helping those who need emotional transformation in their relationships and family life. I have helped many people make strides in their lives through the counseling tools that I have offered.  But I know that my truer calling has been to help those spiritually become the people they were designed to be and live in the abundance that is available to them.

I have been leading a class with my husband Les and I at our church with my book Lost & Restored: Healing Your Heart with the Father.  We have seen people come that are struggling with many aspects of life, such as hurting relationships, family dysfunction, grief and loss, and feeling void of the love they want. We are attempting to address what many times is left out of their church teaching… how to walk out daily with grace and mercy in our relationship with God.

With Easter on the horizon this Sunday, I am aware that it’s not just another holiday to celebrate with family and friends. It represents much more than that! Those of us that embrace the true resurrected Christ within can walk in freedom and hope that there is a power within that is greater than in the world. It’s available to each of us every day if we simply acknowledge what we need and allow God to give us his replacement for our emotional pain. Through all of the stipes that He took on the cross, He was able to relieve us daily of the turmoil of living in these earthly, emotional bodies. We just need to call on Him as our true comforter!  This world was never designed to give us all that we have available through Him.

As you celebrate this Sunday, recognize all of the hidden treasures you are given. A life of peace from our struggles, the joy that outshines sadness, worthiness over shame, grace when we fall short, and a companion that is always there for us!