I am amazed at how fear has captured our hearts and mindsets with what our country is experiencing with the spread of the coronavirus! As they say in social media… it’s gone viral! (Ha! Ha!)

I am always comforted by the scripture: in 2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV) “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Fear is a mindset and some of us are ruled by it more than others. Each individual we encounter might be experiencing this latest event differently. Some may be obsessively thinking about it, wanting to hoard toilet paper, and not wanting to venture out much. Others may be just going about their daily life in the ways they have typically gone about things.

Others like myself are doing the preventive things of taking immune support essential oils and supplements, but not experiencing much fear since I have a God that comforts me and helps me with my feelings every day. But for some that are consumed with fear, it can lead to anxiety that can feel uncontrollable.

What I learned about fear is that it’s a mindset that literally can take over. The Acronym for FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real. Expectations can hurt us tremendously, but they appear real to us. We may have expectations on how our partner should be, how our work environment should look, how others should treat us, how our world should be, and the list goes on.

Inthe early stages of my marriage my spouse didn’t meet my expectations of how he should be as a husband. It was all due to the expectations I carried which led to a lot of anger and resentment. My feelings got out of control and totally surprised me.

When we interpret events with certain expectations it can lead to chronic anxiety and leave us feeling quite depressed. What we do have control over is our mindset. We can place it in the worst possible scenario like we’re going to die from the coronavirus or we can stand strong and put on our cloak of protection. We can believe that we can create the right mindsets to walk us through any fears or expectations that take over our focus.

One thing that tends to happen is the fear can be amplified by some earlier trauma that we never addressed and cleared out. When 911 hit our country, it was especially hard for those who never felt safe from some event. It could be you felt innocently traumatized by an encounter and excused it away not believing it had really impacted you.

If you are of the school that the past is the past, this perspective will never allow you to face some of those feelings that have been deeply buried. Until these events bring up the feelings, we may not see the need to allow ourselves to address them and heal.

This recent scare may be an opportunity to see what’s really inside those deeper crevices of our inner self. Rejoice in the opportunity that was given to you to face your buried wounds. Trust me, it will totally free you to become more whole to live a more anxiety-free life.

Steps to break-though the fears:
• Identify the present feelings
• Jot it down through journaling
• Allow yourself to identify where your feelings may be coming from
• Feel into the emotion and let it go very much like a wave of an ocean
• Then you can replace them with a new empowering focus or mindset that will lead to more peaceful feeling

  • Most importantly watch where you place your focus. Listening to the media may amplify your fears.

I’ve put together a workshop that addresses much of what I have written about. It was scheduled for this month, but with the recent events, it has been rescheduled to the first Saturday in May. You may want to take advantage of this opportunity to move through the blocks to feeling good and living the life designed for you!