I sometimes regret having started to write on this theme, as I have been continually challenged by circumstances where I feel out of control. The feeling is like you are falling off of a cliff and don’t know if you will be able to be picked up. You may be wondering will there is a way to navigate through things and come out unscathed?

How many times are you in situations where there is nothing you can do to change the problem?  I like the 12-step serenity prayer that says “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.” I have learned that the key is to know the difference. Many times, there are times when you just sit back and let things run their course.

Over the last month, I shared last month that I was challenged with technical problems that I couldn’t control. I finally discovered a Microsoft store that was willing to help me at Park Meadows.  Upon engaging with them in this process, they even had difficulty with the problem!! It was then that I knew that the circumstances were designed for me to learn to trust in God through this process.  I actually think I tend to be more patient with people’s problems that appear difficult to solve rather than technology that I know very little about.  In either case, I know there is a source I can draw from that will always be there to help me navigate through difficulties.

I can now say that my technology problem got more or less solved with the exception of a few glitches and I actually came out with a better solution.  In the desperation of trying to get this problem solved, I caught a bad cold with a sore throat that left me feeling awful for several days.  I hardly ever get sick, so I knew that perhaps my body was giving me a message. It wiped out a week of scheduled sessions and training that I couldn’t participate in.  It felt indefinite, but I told myself this too will pass. Fortunately, our body heals, and we aren’t destined to suffer forever.

This saga continued as I found myself missing a flight while on a weekend trip to Dallas for a reunion with high school classmates. I guess the saying, when it rains it pours is relevant here. I found myself sitting in the waiting room where the doors had closed to our flight knowing that we were destined to have to find another flight … which ended up the next day! How many times do we feel powerless when doors close on us?

Telling myself it will pass was one step in the direction, however, what about the way I was emotionally impacted by this? My body felt the stress of all of this. Getting a cold, and feeling fatigue was the byproduct. I’d like to share with you an amazing little tool that diminishes the stress of the emotional impact of our thoughts.  It’s called EFT (emotional freedom technique).  I have used this to help people through the years and its pretty amazing the results to take off the emotional charge over situations.

Nick Ortner has put together an App you can get in the App store called The Tapping Solution which you can use on all kinds of problems by tapping on acupuncture points that will diminish the charge.  It can be used for anything you are having difficulty dealing with… even health problems!

You can download the App and see if this is something you want to subscribe to. It’s well worth having these meditations to draw from in times of stress.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tool for Dealing with StressWhen feeling out of control:

  • Let go and trust that there is good that will come out of the circumstances.
  • Identify feelings and tap on the emotions you are experiencing.
  • When doors close on you, trust that there will be a door that will open somewhere else and lead your path in a different direction.