How many of you go through life without a reserve of spiritual resources to combat today’s challenges? We are in a different world today, full of lots of surprises and unexpected events.

Speaking of the unexpected. I recently learned some important lessons about our need for a reserve of spiritual resources on a recent trip where my husband and I were celebrating our 20th anniversary.

We decided to go see the leaves turn in Maine at the end of September. When we were flying there, we had a connecting flight through Charlotte, NC. Upon takeoff in Charlotte, we heard some quiet alarming sounds. There was popping and sounds that didn’t appear at all normal or safe.  The pilot got on the intercom and said that one of our engines had gone out and that we would be going back to the gate in Charlotte. I asked the flight attendants if they had ever experienced this and one of them said they had, but the other one hadn’t.

They indicated that getting a new flight would be quite a challenge as they would have to get a new pilot and plane probably meaning quite a delay. When our plane landed back at the Charlotte airport, there was a relieved plane of cheering passengers cheering as we pulled into the landing strip!
Five hours later, we boarded a new flight to Portland, Me., getting us into our destination around 1:00 pm. This left us with an hour and 1/2 drive to our destination!! Fortunately, we were able to get our rental car at this late hour.

I thought about this experience and realized that it was interesting that one engine went out, but another one was able to carry us long enough to get us to our destination. What I gleaned from this is that God always gives us enough spiritual reserve to carry us whenever we face difficulties. Even though our physical plan got thwarted we had one engine left and were still able to land safely. Isn’t that what a loving Father does. When one physical plan gets thwarted, we have a reserve of being spiritually strengthened and comforted to get through these redirects.

In this scenario, I had to trust that I would get to my next destination safely. That I would have enough reserve lacking many hours of lost sleep and jet lag to still feel ok. This pandemic has brought up these concerns. Fortunately, I have built up strength and trust to combat many of the challenges we are faced with today.

Have you built spiritual muscles, or have you gotten stuck in resentments? The uncertainty of choices and changes to make have been heightened. Whether to be vaccinated or not to be… whether to wear masks… restrictions in events we were used to attending. And even job losses due to the requirements that are placed on us.

I heard Priscilla Shirer, one of my favorite Bible teachers, speak to a large audience on Youtube this week. Her main message was we need to know who we are and we have everything we need to deal with the mountains in our life.  When we have a conflict with our spouse, when we have a child acting out when our job is requiring us to do things that violate our values.  Do we believe we can draw from the resources that are available to us?

I leave you with this question. You might evaluate where you need to build spiritual muscles so you can overcome the mountains that you face. I’d love to hear and help guide you through this process.