Christian Counseling

My Christian background supports clients who want to integrate their faith with their counseling process. I have been trained in several Christ-centered healing methods that assist a person to access the spiritual roots of their issues. Allowing the Holy Spirit to do the work through prayer and releasing can be very fundamental to removing blockages for their wholeness. So if looking for a Christian counselor I can help you integrate your values in your counseling process.  I work with a range of issues ranging from all types of traumas such as childhood abuse, bullying, divorce, and PTSD.

In addition to transitional forms of talk therapy, Splankna is a mind-body work effective in releasing and healing some emotional traumas. Three methods of energy work are incorporated into this therapy;  Neuro-Emotional Technique, Thought Field Therapy, and E.M.D.R.  It is founded on a Christian theology that offers a holistic mind, body and spirit approach to emotional healing incorporating prayer and intention to release old programming. For further explanation for this type of therapy visit the official site:  Splankna therapy Level I & II and Masters Level-  Master Certified Splankna Therapist.

Symptoms that can improve:

Panic Attacks and Phobias
Post Traumatic Stress
Sexual Trauma
Childhood Trauma
Rage and Resentment
Addictions ie. Eating disorders, Workaholism
Body Pain
Relationship Blocks with God
Family and Child conflicts

What is Splankna Therapy? A condensed article explaining the method is available.

Sozo- A listening prayer method that unleashes beliefs and deals with forgiveness.

Heart Sync– A guided prayer ministry that brings synchronization to all aspects of the heart so coming to Christ with a whole heart.

These inner healing methods can greatly speed up the process in dealing with couples conflicts and bring better results with marriage counseling.

Speaking for Churches and Retreats

Biblical Strategies to Stop Self-Sabotage

This workshop will help you live a more victorious Christian life by ridding yourselves of the grip that self-sabotaging behavior has on your life. Suzanne will help you examine the common saboteurs and discover how to work with your relationship with God to bring freedom from toxic emotions of shame, resentments and feelings of failure.  You can then learn how to live more fully connected into the purpose that God has for you.

Weekend Retreat topic: A weekend retreat that can be offered at a retreat site:

Uncover Your Hidden Treasures: Embracing Your True Identity

• Explore what blocks you from experiencing the love of God

• Discover your true identity and inner gifts

• Rest, reflect, and relax in the quietude of nature

Follow-up groups or online classes can be offered from the workbook, “Winning the Inner Game.”

“I would highly recommend Suzanne B. Simpson as a speaker and facilitator for churches and women’s groups.  She offers great practical insights for women seeking to connect more deeply with Christ.  Her style is full of grace and affirmation, and she is especially adept at facilitating discussions, asking good questions and drawing the group together as they share their hearts with one another.  We all benefited from her teaching.”

Brooks Buckwalter — Women’s Ministry Committee, Lookout Mountain Community Church