Weight Loss Counseling

Body Blueprint:
A Fast Track to Health & Weight Loss

Do you want to feel healthier, more attractive, and loving your body?
Do you want to get to an ideal weight for your body type, but have emotional blocks in your way?
Are you plagued with a negative image of your body?

Most of the weight loss programs focus on offering a strict dietary regime that creates frustration and feelings of worthlessness. So, if you want real and lasting change, you must be willing to look beneath the surface. You need to pull out the encumbrances to loving your body and understand how to create true health.

This workshop will help you quickly identify your unique patterns through exercises and techniques.

• Discover how to clear rooted emotional eating patterns
• Examine the emotional weight that you have been carrying
• Silence the mind chatter that tells you lies about your body
• Put to bed the confusion about what diets don’t tell you about healthy eating & nutrition
• Envision exercises to create a ideal body image

Body Release

Inner Cleansing for Optimum Health and Body Image

Is your body showing you signs of stress?

You may carry around with you excess baggage and memories from your past that literally gets stored in memory in your body. They can be lodged deep in your subconscious, unknown to your conscious awareness. Thus programming can be keeping you from shedding off unwanted pounds, learning to love and nurture yourselves, and achieving a healthy body.

This stress mode can occur and manifest as a disease… either in your soul or your body. So if you are holding onto unwanted weight or unable to appreciate your body image, this Body Release program may be the very thing you need to unleash these holding patterns.

Sign up for Body Release Program eight week program either individually or through group coaching.

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www.my.doterra.com/suzannesimpson- essential oils for cleansing, emotional support, and renewed energy.