Addiction Counseling

imagesCAKMEN2ZAddictive behavior can manifest by turning to food, sex, work, or chronic “busyness”; for self-medicating our emotions.



How Do I Free Myself Of Addictions?

  • Connect to your underlying emotional drivers.
  • Discover how to experience abstinence from the primary addiction in order to access the deeper feelings.
  • Get connected to a 12-step program to deal with primary addiction.
  • Emotional releasing of these emotions is a powerful method to change addictive patterns.

Individuals who have grown up in an alcoholic family, because of their biochemistry are more apt to fall into addictive cycles. If one is committed to recovery, good results can occur through emotional healing methods.

Types of addictions we deal with are:

    • compulsive eating
    • spending
    • workaholism
    • relationship, sex and love addiction
    • drugs and alcohol 

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD symptoms:

  • Children having difficulty concentrating on their schoolwork.
  • Professionals not following through on work assignments due to too many distractions.
  • Those that can’t manage life events and focus on what’s important.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with too many ideas and never feeling like enough is enough.