Nutrition – Body by Nature’s Design

God has created our bodies to be in balance, but so many of us have nutritional and organ imbalances.  My concern is to provide holistic coaching that will mitigate some of the lack of information on how to restore the homeostasis to our body.

Essential oils have an important role in bring plant-based oils into the cells to restore many of these imbalances. The two companies I have been receiving training from are:

Young Living:


Women’s Hormone Support

Women today are inundated with so many toxins that affect hormones. These toxins are from chemicals, plastics, dental fillings, home and skin products. In addition to these toxins, we have emotional toxins from areas we have never cleared out that continue to filter into our daily living. There will be a talk or webinar called Devine Detox to offer education on how to avoid these daily toxins.