Body Confidence Coaching

Woman life coachingAre you feeling that you hit a wall in your career or relationships and need to transition to your next step?  Coaching may be perfect for unleashing your potential during a change in direction. Your mental mindset can influence everything you want to accomplish. With objective one-on-one psychological guidance, you can identify your limiting patterns.  A coach helps you to build confidence resulting in increased fulfillment and success.  This body confidence process will give you the potential to love your life and experience a renewed spirit!

 An assessment will help you determine where your limitations are that may be blocking you from achieving your goals.  Emphasis on helping you make shifts in attitudes and beliefs will enable you to  take action steps.

How is coaching done?

• One-on-one phone or in person, two or three times monthly at designated times.

• Tasks and assignments given weekly.

Kind of person seeking coaching?

• A client needs to have the awareness of their potential in order to achieve more success.

• Two factors make someone coachable: a willingness to grow and the ability to put plans into action.

• A commitment to time and money is essential in the coaching relationship.

 Difference between Counseling and Coaching?

You might ask what is the difference between a counselor and a coach?  For the sake of differentiating them, a counselor or therapist tends to focus more on healing the past to move through old memories.  A coach, on the other hand, provides a partnership that allows you to  achieve your goals quickly and move forward in the most positive direction.

You take ownership of your goals and objectives through partnership with a coach. A coaching relationship primarily focuses on the present rather than the past. However, I like to help my clients in both capacities.

How Long is it Necessary to Work with a Coach?

I ask that my clients commit to working with me 90 days so that they have time to see some changes.


• Deal with stress more effectively.

• Attain a balanced life.

• Make and keep more money.

• Move past self-limiting beliefs.

• Have accountability to achieve goals.

One-on-one coaching is a partnership where you have a safe haven to explore yourself. When you work with me as your coach, I become:

• your co-strategist

• your cheerleader

• your partner for life issues

We meet either in person or by phone. During our coaching you will be asked many questions:

• to help you focus and develop your specific goals

• to structure and hold you accountable to your vision

• to give you time to focus on yourself

The value of our relationship is to provide a safe place for you:

• free of judgement

• free of advice

• free to find answers within yourself

• free to be stretched beyond your limits

An Enneagram assessment will be required for any coaching relationship. This assessment helps you better understand yourself in your work performance and relationships.