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Janet wanted to remove blockages that were preventing her from achieving more financial and business success, and finding a healthy partner. She also wanted to stop her emotional eating so she could lose some weight in order to compete in cycling races.

She felt she was available for everyone else, but there

was a lack of support in her relationships.  She longed to shine, but something was inhibiting her from fully owning her brilliance. In exploring her family issues, Janet became aware of the complete absence of nurturing her feelings and honoring her opinions. In addition, her alcoholic dad had sexually abused her and treated her as a surrogate spouse. Her sister got more goodies from the family and Janet was always pushed aside.

Through the work we did together she was able to get to the subconscious beliefs that she held and replace them with new empowering ones. It was remarkable to see how committed she was to the process work and seeing the transformation she underwent. Today she has attracted a healthy partner and is fully shining in her career and athletic performance.  Click here to view the types of processes we used.


What I enjoy most about working with Suzanne is her ability to keenly identify a specific area to address and then take action to clear it and bring in an improved way of being that really serves me and what I want for myself. Specifically speaking, I am an endurance mountain bike racer and through my work with Suzanne, I’ve been able to identify and remove barriers that have held me back in my training and racing, allowing me to really maximize my fullest potential. It’s been very rewarding. J.U.

Managing Partner

Suzanne and I have had a coaching relationship for over several years and I have found her inspiration and guidance remarkable. As a manager, I am becoming a leader and am particularly grateful for the courage and self-awareness our coaching relationship is providing. Connie R.

Manager of Accounting Firm

We all know we carry emotional poundage from our pasts. Working with Suzanne and the EFT process, I was able to effectively review what was impacting my health and well being and quickly shift my energy into a new gear. Cindy H.

Executive Director

Even though I felt I had accomplished what I set out to do with my career goals something was missing. I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was. When I decided to work with Suzanne she uncovered, almost instantly, that I had lost touch with my inner-self; therefore, I had lost my passion. I am now working to create a dream of a business of my own. Suzanne gave me the tools I needed to move ahead, making my passion a reality. Lori P.

Sales Rep, Occupational Health

I came to get help as a last resort feeling this has to work. I was depressed, discouraged and hopeless in my trying to overcome an addiction. My new marriage wasn’t going so well along with the with the inability to build healthy relationships. Suzanne assisted me in clearing issues that I had no clue were affecting me today. I am truly a new person after seeing Suzanne for the past few months. Renee S.


I have had just a few sessions of the emotional clearing work with Suzanne. She is able to get to the heart of the matter quickly, and the results are amazing! Never before have I felt so free. I would highly recommend this technique, especially for those who have tried many different types of healing. This is it! Dr. C.S.


Over the last year, Suzanne has listened, been understanding, and more importantly helped me with all issues of my life. From my relationships to my general outlook on life, her gentle guidance has helped steer me and deal with stressful situations in a manageable way. What’s more, I have become a lot more self-aware. Whereas before I felt powerless and not in control of my life, now I feel relaxed and in control. I think this is an excellent system for pretty much anyone to benefit from. I’ve gone from being an angry man with no control over the house to an assertive authoritative figure with little anger.  She also gave me practical tools to deal with these things. Amrit S.

Software Engineer

I’d worked on my issues with many others over the years but never could quite get to the “bottom.” Yet, something about Suzanne was different – better – than the others. I would describe her as “gentle yet firm” in her approach. She was always kind and encouraging, but at the same time, she was not going to let me miss the core of the issue. She has the ability to get the job done and ask the tough questions. Holly J.

Massage Therapist

Suzanne is a caring, compassionate, intuitive and a practical healer who communicates in a non-judgmental and loving way. With her help – I was able to begin facing my fears, worries and frustrations in the relationships that mattered most in my life and let them go. I am so grateful to her for that. N.R.


After 30 years as a self-help junkie seeking the perfect counselor/minister/support group/seminars, I’d become cynical. With three in our session, Suzanne, the Lord, and me, astonishing progress is happening in a short period of time. Linda N.

Vice President, Financial Industry

Working with Suzanne has been extremely healing and beneficial in my life. It is more than just words. I have seen dramatic changes occur. She has a unique way of asking very direct questions that open my mind to previously hidden truths. Nancy C.


In the last few years, I found myself at my lowest point although outwardly I looked like a successful corporate professional. Suzanne’s expertise and balanced style were exactly what I needed to help me through this challenge. She used processes and tools, not just talk therapy, to help me transition from a life of stress, anxiety, and poor health to one of love, healthy living, and a new career. I am so grateful for Suzanne! Heather M.

Holistic Health Practitioner

I came to Suzanne looking for help with social anxiety. After working through several different processes I noticed that I am much more aware and focused in my inner thinking and can move through my feelings with intention. Suzanne gave me tools and confidence to implement processes that I can do on my own to dig deeper and open my heart in order to lead a fuller life. Marni M.

Graphic Designer

I have greatly benefited from Suzanne’s extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and vitamins therapy. Over the 12 years that I have been working with her, she has done an outstanding job of guiding me through detoxifying and rebuilding my body. Through two successful and healthy pregnancies and now raising two healthy boys, I cannot imagine where my health would be without her. J. Gonzales


The releasing work I did with Suzanne helped me identify and clear out old nagging memories. The need for safety and protection caused me to feel defensive and unsafe in the world. The protective bubble I had built had closed me off from experiencing many things that had limited my social life. I no longer want to cloister myself in order to stay safe.  I’m excited to see what happens in my life now that I am choosing to live more fearlessly! C.J.

Administrative Business Owner

Suzanne was able to help me make a shift in my belief in how I saw myself and what I believed was possible in my life. I was able to be promoted and gained more confidence in my ability to be a leader. Lilly E.

Commercial Real Estate

The work I did with Suzanne has truly helped me clear out negative emotions that I didn’t realize I have held onto in my life. I feel deeply happy. My husband commented that he’s not seen me more emotionally stable and happier in the seven years he has known me. Erica

Project Manager

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