How can we stay above board and have encouragement to navigate through these uncertain times?

Not knowing how this pandemic will playout, can leave you in a state of fear and anxiety. What I understand is that fear many times is a false expectation, but it can appear very real.  Our mind may go on the worst place as we may catastrophize and magnify things in our minds.

I’d like to offer some coping tools and ways you can minimize the stress of what you focus on and how to deal with the times ahead.

I have found that people need a community since there is much isolation going on. Pretty soon we may start feeling so alone that we begin to go crazy to have a connection. We are most definitely dealing with a reset of our priorities emotionally and spiritually.

Ways to cope from my toolbox:

  • Stop catastrophizing on the worst possible. Our mind can imagine things and amplify the situation at hand so watch how your thoughts get ahold of you.
  • Allow yourself to breathe deeply. When we are anxious, our breathing gets stuck and we don’t breathe deeply from our abdomen.
  • Find new creative hobbies that are interesting that allow your right brain to function.
  • Start a journaling process to release emotions that are surfacing. I like to have people write out a sentence stem with something like… “I am feeling fearful because…and complete the sentence 8 times.  See what emerges as you may see a pattern that is showing up in what you are REALLY feeling as being able to release the feelings.  It also helps them have some structure in their journaling process.
  • Learn about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Nick Ortner’s App “The Tapping Solution.” It is a tapping method that you can apply to acupuncture tapping points that will release the emotional charge in the meridians of the body. It’s a highly effective way to discharge negative emotions and provide meditations.
  • Apply HeartMath methods to relax and get out of the head. By focusing on heart energy, one is able to bypass all of the gyrations in our mind. This method can lead to a very peaceful state. Learn more about heartmath on
  • Develop an online community to stay connected during this time. I have gotten very friendly with Zoom lately. It is free and available to all. You just have to have a camera to see everyone, but can even do it on your phone
  • Most importantly focusing on Biblical scriptures that are meaningful and support your fears is another way to stay free of fear.

We will get through this stronger as God builds within us his infrastructure that will enable us to withstand difficult seasons.  We just need to reach out to him in faith!.