It’s already starting to feel like fall in the mornings. It’s been a quick summer and lots of activity on my end.  I’ve gone to two training workshops to get updated on the latest healing methods, in addition to celebrating my birthday visiting the beautiful town of Ouray in Western Colorado. It’s known as the little Switzerland of America and now I know why.  It’s nestled in between two mountain ridges with lots of natural beauty of waterfalls surrounding the perimeter. I enclosed a picture of this magnificent beautiful waterfall which was right next to where we were staying.

I like the force that I see in this stream I saw in Ouray that represents many things to me. It shows up as that life force energy that runs the universe that is available in us every day. It’s the breath we breathe, it’s what makes our heartbeat, and most importantly it’s the spirit flowing through our thoughts and feelings every single moment of the day. That same force can be available to cleanse us of emotions we have held onto that keep us stuck in limiting patterns. It might affect our health, relationships, or career aspirations to the point where we feel defeated and stuck.

So much of what we feel can be below the surface of our subconscious leaving us blocked in the awareness to know what we are feeling. I like to think of it as below the iceberg and can show up in unwanted behavior we can’t seem to get a breakthrough.  Sometimes the very thing we want to do we don’t seem to have victory over. It can show up as a need to control others or circumstances, being perfectionistic with ourselves, withdrawing from others, addicted to food, work, shopping or even self-sabotaging our career opportunities or relationships.

When our life is flowing like this stream, we can experience freedom from these strongholds that can rob our peace as behavioral patterns take over that limit us. I like to think of our life like an onion.  We have to peel off the layers much like like pearls on a necklace dropping off. One by one these subconscious layers come off leaving us with more and more freedom to live our life from our true authentic God-given self.

Recently I have been challenged with a number of technological issues. It started with spammers that were coming through my website leaving sexually-oriented links hoping I would click on and they would receive their compensation.  It has felt like these messages were taking over my life leaving me robbed of much peace. After numerous calls to correct this without any resolution, I am aware that I need to get the message that is trying to get through. Somethings don’t just get fixed and you have to live with ambiguity.

I have examined it’s more about my need to control than others trying to control me. I like things in order and organized and it feels quite out of control especially since I have spent so much of my valuable time on this. Just like the stream, I am learning that even when life gets chaotic, there is a force I can draw on to bring peace rather than remain agitated and stressed. I can identify those inner beliefs that have kept me bound.

I challenge you to examine when your life doesn’t feel like its flowing. What is your inner self trying to communicate with you? Are you aware of any strongholds you may be holding onto?  What message is trying to get through?

Here’s to your experiencing peace when circumstances feel unmanageable!