I have had a busy start of being out of town for two different weeks. I am behind on my blogging and hope to be able to get back on track soon.

One of my trips was quite an ordeal with being able to return to Denver. We were caught in a snowstorm and were supposed to land in Washington DC for a return flight to Denver.  Due to the inability to deice the airport, we found ourselves circling around forever before we could land. It was decided that we would have to divert to Newark, New Jersey since the plane needed to refuel. So, when it refueled, we exchanged pilots and turned around and went back to DC and were able to land.

When we finally landed in Washington, we were informed that there were no other flights leaving that night and we were scheduled for a flight the next morning back via Newark and then Denver.  We spent the night at a hotel in DC and the next morning got up early to catch our flight only to find that it was canceled due to a flight attendant not being able to come!

I snagged a customer service representative as I had seen on the signs that there were several direct flights to Denver. The ticket agent said we had a good chance of getting on standby for a flight that left that morning. So, we opted to take the flight on standby hoping it would allow us to get home. She said since it was snowy, some people wouldn’t easily be able to get out of their neighborhoods, so we had a good chance of getting on the flight.

While waiting for our flight, there was a very nice gentleman I met who worked for United and was also on standby for the flight. We were able to share spiritual insights, scriptures, and words of encouragement. I felt like he was a little angel sent by God as I was distraught from all the travel diversions. That gave me encouragement that even when we are navigating through difficulties, God may provide a person or a sense of His presence during struggles.

I thought this was a great example of how many times we get diverted where we are headed. We may want to set our goals in one direction, but somehow our plans don’t manifest.  It may feel like we are spinning our wheels going back and forth like a hamster in a cage trying to move forward, but something keeps holding us back. We may set out on a project at work or home, but it never comes to fruition. We may want to work on a health regiment, but we never get started. We may have relationship discord and feel like it weighs heavily on us causing us to not be as productive at work.

Or we may have had so many life events such as a series of losses that hit us over a short amount of time and it stops us in our tracks.  In order to get back on track, we need may help to work through these emotions and get to the root of how we got stuck so we can clear it out thus being able to move forward.

Ask yourself the question, do I feel like that hamster in the cage spinning my wheels not making progress? Do I have a health challenge, but am avoiding doing anything about it?  Or do I want to feel more ease in handling my relationships? If you answered yes to any of these concerns, I am available to help you investigate what is stopping you.