As our summer is quickly ending, schools are trying to decide what direction to take, and we are wanting to take our last-minute getaways. It’s a transition time so, I am aware that many of you may be moving in a different direction due to the pandemic?  I know it has been a constant influx of uncertainty as to where many of us are headed.  To top it off, it’s an election year and there has been the unsettledness around who will direct our country. I know for me, I have seen a change in direction as well and I believe it’s all for good!  God has a way of shaking us out of our comfort zone and this has definitely been a season of that!

What I have found is my control buttons get triggered. We may feel like things we have held onto for security are no longer. Besides, there is a grieving process that takes place in this letting go process.  What I am hearing from some is that they feel the loss of the way things were in their world. If they don’t deal with these losses at the time, they can build up into a bigger monster. Eventually, these feelings have to come out and many times our relationships are the brunt of them.

It’s important to deal with grief as it comes up so it doesn’t build up. Many times, this pandemic has also bought the loss of contact with loved ones or they have died.  That can be an additional loss. Through the years I have seen people that have multiple losses stacked up together in a short period and it seems to be harder. They are so overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. Others may have gotten busy with raising children or dealing with the legal affairs of the deceased that it can be especially hard to focus on themselves.  Grief has a way of showing it’s ugly head at inopportune times.

What are practical ways of dealing with loss:

  • Take the time to spend with yourself. Do some writing about how you feel about losing the person or the situation.
  • If it is the loss of a loved one, write a letter to the deceased one and share what you wished you had said to them before passing
  • Release your resentment and anger over losing what was important to you
  • Deal with forgiveness that may manifest over the loss of your relationships
  • Practice Immanuel Moments of spending time with God feeling appreciation & gratitude
  • Be ok with spontaneous feelings that just emerge. They are signs that feelings of grief are needing to release.
  • Find a supportive community of others dealing with loss

Here’s to letting go.