As 2020 draws to a close, it’s been difficult to focus on what has been great about the year. Our mind naturally wants to gravitate to what is missing or hard. There have been a lot of negatives this year, but you can always turn around your focus to see what has been beneficial. Have you gotten closer to your family with all of the time spent at home? Are you feeling less stressed as you’ve worked from home and less wear and tear from traffic to and from work?

Has your health improved as you’ve taken the needed precautions to eat right and keep your immune system healthy? Or were you redirected in your business goals due to a career realignment?

With the changes, we can celebrate as we move into 2021 knowing that there has been inner growth in what we have gone through from the year. So, what can you identify as the growth you have received? Have you had to lean more on your faith for freedom from anxiety?  Are you aware of how you get in your own way by inner self-saboteurs?

We all tend to get in our own way and it can keep us very stuck as we don’t know how to look inside and draw on our inner strength. Sometimes building those inner muscles is the best option when times are difficult.  We need to do some reflective time to examine what we are holding onto.

How can you make your holiday time free of unneeded stress? Can you choose joy in the midst of a season that is not a typical Christmas? It’s those times that we need to work harder at our emotional life that we learn we can build up our inner foundation to get us through things.

Here are some great stress-reducing tips for getting us through difficult times.

  • Guard your heart: Proverbs says to guard your heart because from it flows the springs of life.

All of our life is centered around our heart stance. If our heart is guarded due to hurts or feeling resentment, that is what gets conveyed into our atmosphere with others.  We tend to be weighted down with lots of negativity and impatience with life. But if our heart is flowing with forgiveness, self-acceptance, and love, that is what gets projected into our energy field and our families around us experience that.

  • Be quick to give up judgments. People don’t always do their best, but there is a way our critical spirit with ourselves and others can keep us projecting negativity that pushes people away. When we are with our family, it can feel pretty obvious as to the triggers that surface. Use this as an opportunity to clear out family resentments that maybe you have held onto and learn to be more compassionate with yourself and others.
  • Work toward being more self-compassionate. If we focus on loving ourselves and giving out of a full heart, people around us are more apt to treat us differently. It’s when we get self-absorbed and focused on what we can get rather than what we can give, that our life becomes stressed.
  • Letting go of our agenda of what the holidays should look like. We may have images of sugar plums dancing in our heads, but many times the holidays don’t show up according to our expectations or the way it used to be.
  • Take the downtime to spend with yourself. When things quiet down it’s a great time to nurture a relationship with yourself through mediation, journaling, or catching up on some inspirational books or devotionals.
  • As always focus on gratitude– It goes a long way to free us of negativity.

I wish you a very joy-filled Christmas holiday and look forward to turning over a new year with new beginnings!