Many of us go through our day and don’t listen to the inner voice that tells us what we should do. I was reading today in my devotion time the importance of listening to that inner voice. Putting our attention and focus on God first, will allow things to fall together much better and be guided toward the direction we should take and desire.

Recently I had an unfortunate episode happen where I didn’t take heed to that inner voice. I was rushing off to a painting party in my neighborhood that was just down the street about a block. I took my car since I didn’t know exactly where the house address was located and it was snowy. Since I was getting there late there were quite a few cars all lined up around the street. I noticed there were several cars parked installs in a cul-de-sac and so I opted to park parallel to the house adjacent. I heard that inner voice say it wasn’t such a good idea, but in my rush to get to the party, I decided to park there even though I knew there was a possibility when the cars would pull out of those stalls adjacent that they could hit me.

The party was a lot of fun as we were experimenting with painting with many neighbors that I knew. When I returned to get back in my car, I was aware that my car had been hit on the side from one of those cars that I had heard the warning. My worst fear had happened! Boy, was I hard on me for not listening. How many times have you not listened to the guidance you are given. As I experienced, you may beat up on yourself for not listening. My car had to have major repairs from this episode, but fortunately, insurance will pay for a large portion. I am learning to be more forgiving with myself.

It was a hard lesson to learn, but overall it has been very growth producing. Also, I need to not be too quick to go to places or make decisions is another important learning. I had to forgive the person who did it and didn’t even leave a note, in addition to forgiving myself for the mishap. How many of you impulsively step out making decisions without taking heed. We need to learn to slow down and listen to that inner voice that is there to guide us. And most importantly learning to forgive ourselves is key. We are human and make mistakes. The good thing is we can get some growth from the mistakes we make as God doesn’t waste anything.