Being thankful is something we may neglect to focus on as it is more common for our attention to look at what is missing or “wrong” in our life. Human nature tends to be consumed with what we don’t have. Whether it’s our marriage relationship, our kids, or our work environment we may be quick to be critical of what we don’t have.

What I have learned in some of my training with heart healing recently is that when we focus on appreciation it opens up the relational parts of our brains to have more connection with others and God.  I’ve made a habit each day to think on all the things I am grateful for. In the past, I’ve done this with my spouse and each of us shared for several minutes what we most appreciate about each other. It opened up more of a positive focus and enhanced our relationship. I challenge you to make gratitude and appreciation a habit and see your potential for more joy unfold!

Happy Thanksgiving to all,