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and help you recapture your own truth in this world. 

Are you wanting to gain confidence back after a loss in a relationship or business. If you’re ready to receive more genuine healing you’ve come to the right place. Too many times we feel stuck and wondering if  you can reclaim and restore what’s been lost.

You might not just be aware of the tools and methods to fulfill that need.

We’d love to help you receive more lasting transformation that will propel you to live your divine purpose. We utilize various  healing and coaching methods that will advance your life forward in ways you didn’t imagine.

We at Renewed Life Counseling will help you identify what’s holding you back!  The processes used are helpful to get to the root of where you are blocked and restore hope!

“Behold, I will do a new thing. Now it shall spring forth: Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness.” Isaiah 43:19

Body by Nature’s Design 

Whole Health Counseling for Mind, Body, and Spirit

It’s not all about weight loss in attaining a trim, healthy body. Many people have tried a million diets and exercise routines, many found they either had no success or couldn’t keep the weight off! I believe you are ready for a new approach to weight loss like no other… a whole mind, body, and spirit approach! This allows each person to address their emotional, nutritional, and spiritual connection with weight management. The Best weight loss program in Denver.

Many of us have excess weight due to our stressful lifestyles and the “standard American diet” (SAD). This “SAD” diet is a poor dietary pattern that consists primarily of highly processed foods. Our “fast food” society has made it difficult to make healthy choices away from home.

Additionally, many people have held onto emotional traumas from their past that never got resolved, which can drive us to overeat and not practice proper self-care. Emotionally traumatic events, unresolved grief over death or divorce, abuse, anxiety, and depression can all contribute to weight gain.

Renewed Life Counseling has put together a one-of-a-kind healthy program called Body by Nature’s Design. This new program will address all of these aspects of health and weight management. Suzanne Simpson believes in a whole health approach so you can get both your body and mind in shape, in order to keep the weight off long term.

The program is designed for group coaching that will be able to address the nutritional, emotional and behavioral aspects of weight management. I, Suzanne Simpson, have put together a lot of resources to support your accountability, plus aid you in reaching your goals. My new program will be launching this month, just in time to Look and Feel Great for the New Year! Give yourself the gift you deserve!!

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Looking for Littleton Counseling? We’ve Got You!

Does life not feel the same to you anymore? Are you constantly unmotivated? Do you suffer from panic attacks, anxiety in public places, fear without any reason? Get in touch with me for Littleton counseling sessions and receive all the necessary help for any of such issues. Renewed Life Counseling​ offers counseling Littleton residents can trust, as I have dealt with many people missing their mental peace and psychological well-being. When it comes to counseling Littleton has many options. Many seek us out because Renewed Life Counseling is a  Christ-centered practice. Suzanne Simpson loves seeing the people who come to get help better in their lives. Renewed Life Counseling work hard to give my clients a new way to look at their life, find new dreams to chase, and have hope for all the better things this world has to offer.

Getting lost during the process is expected. We can all drift at times from who we are and what truly matters to us.  Statistics show that one in five teens suffers from a traumatic experience that upends their mental wellness. As young adults lacking significant life experience, many of these teens look for shortcuts, resulting in an increase in drug abuse, crimes based on unresolved anger, and other destructive behaviors. These incidents are more likely to substantially impact these untouched minds, which will consequently turn into a problem as they get older. Usually, the problematic adults have a history of childhood trauma that wasn’t discussed or dealt with accordingly.

Through our Littleton counseling sessions, Suzanne Simpson offers everyone a chance to live a happy, contented life. Only a happy mind can assure you of a happy life, so if you see someone struggling, recommend us.

Heart-Centered Counseling Littleton Residents Can Count On

At Renewed Life Counseling, Suzanne Simpson understands how hard it is to acknowledge that you are not okay. Especially when your behavior starts affecting people you love in ways you never intended to or thought it would. The guilt begins building up, people may distance themselves from you, and guilt can become anger. Suzanne Simpson offers heart-centered counseling Littleton residents can take advantage of to cover all aspects of behavioral health management. No matter what you are going through, our therapists will offer strategies to help make it better. Regardless of how negative you think of yourself and the world right now, Renewed Life Counseling believes there still lies some hope for you.
When you reach out to Renewed Life Counseling, Suzanne Simpson wants you to know that’s the first step. Renewed Life Counseling is pleased that you were strong enough to ask for help. She appreciates the concern you have for yourself. Consider our heart-centered counseling Littleton folks have relied on for years. Suzanne Simpson also offers Christian counseling Denver folks have recommended for those who want faith-based services. She believes that faith can be extremely crucial for people who have been raised religious. Mental health issues can drive you away from faith often, consequently increasing the negativity within. Her Christian background will help you share your beliefs openly and talk things through. If you want me to help you through these times with the Christian counseling Denver folks trust, please get in touch with us today!

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